Picture of Michael Fitzgerald.

Investment Advisor

I studied economics in college, and the subject was fascinating to me — but when I got out in the real world, I realized that the most important financial obstacles that most people face are debt and the inability to save adequately for the future. I decided that’s where I could make the most impact, and I’ve been specializing in retirement plan management ever since. 

My path to finance was not a straightforward one. After graduating from Willamette University with a bachelor’s in economics, I worked in the trades instead of going straight into investing. It left me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing working-class Americans, and that human element drives what I do today. I want every client to walk away feeling like they have a path forward and enough understanding and motivation to follow it — my favorite part of my job is when my clients tell me they’ve made it to retirement. 

Designing, implementing, and operating retirement plans is complicated, but it’s work I really enjoy. I’m able to see the big picture for my clients, anticipate the pitfalls they might face, and pinpoint the source of the challenges they’re going through. Working at R|W Investment Management has given me the opportunity to help more people realize their goals of a comfortable retirement. 

I grew up in McCall and I still spend as much time as possible exploring the outdoors and introducing our children to the wildness of Idaho.

Email Mike at mike@investrw.com