Photo of Jamie Wolfe.

Client Associate

Working at R|W allows me to bridge my love of numbers with my love for people. I started my career in accounting but quickly realized that I craved the connection that comes with working with clients one-on-one — it’s amazing to me that I will be working with the children of our current clients in the future. 

My job is to assist our clients with day-to-day questions, and my goal is always to make them feel genuinely listened to and cared for. I’m naturally a bubbly person, so I hope that enthusiasm for service comes through with every interaction. 

We have an amazing operations team here that supports each other so we can better support our clients. This allows us to connect to our clients on a deeper level because we consider all aspects of their portfolios instead of focusing on only one duty at a time. It is satisfying to look back at the week and see what we’ve accomplished as a team. 

I’m originally from Orange County, California, and received my bachelor’s in accounting from George Fox University. My husband, Jacoby, and I spend a lot of time outdoors. We’re fortunate to live near the Greenbelt, so when summer rolls around you can usually find us on the river.

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