Foundations, Institutions and Nonprofits

Over Three Decades of Experience Safeguarding Vital Resources

There’s no room for error in managing your organization’s precious resources, so you need the right expertise on your side. At R|W , we’ve been helping organizations sustain and succeed for three decades.

How We Help You

R|W is a fee-based financial planning and investment management firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho and serving families nationwide. Our advisors hold the Certified Financial Planner™ designation and the Chartered Financial Analyst® charter and serve as trusted stewards to help you preserve and grow your wealth.

At R|W , we serve as trusted stewards for nonprofit and for-profit organizations such as foundations, endowments, religious organizations, charities, trade and professional associations, community groups and service organizations, schools and universities, and trust accounts.

We focus on helping you implement conservative, disciplined money management best practices that:

  • Ensure your organization’s continuity and ability to carry out your mission
  • Effectively diversify your assets to minimize volatility
  • Reduce investment costs to improve returns without additional risk
  • Guidance from independent, unbiased experts with no affiliation to product companies

At R|W , we’re honored to act as a financial steward for your organization, knowing that your financial resources are critical to serve the many stakeholders of your organization.

Becoming a Client

Introduction and Discovery Process

Our process begins by listening to you in order to understand the complex nature of your organization and your investment policy statement.

Plan Development

Then we go to work. With a full and deep understanding of your situation, we develop, model, and test ways to meet your organization’s objectives.


We communicate our findings to you in plain English without any industry jargon. Once we agree on a strategy, we implement our recommendations in an independent, objective, and unbiased fashion. Fees and expenses are carefully controlled and kept to a minimum.

Reviews and Ongoing Communication

Becoming a client is just the beginning. We communicate regularly to review your organization’s goals and objectives. We monitor, evaluate, and adjust the plan that has been put in place, always adhering to your investment policy statement.

Our Approach

Planning & Advice

Assess Your Needs and Goals
Develop a Comprehensive Strategy

Portfolio Construction

Independent Investment Selection
Optimal Asset Allocation
Full Global Diversification

Portfolio Management

Disciplined Rebalancing
Cash Flow Management
Full Transparency of All Fees and Expenses


Contact and Reviews
Economic and Market Commentary
Annual Investment Forum


What We Offer

A Cup of Coffee and a Second Opinion

Volatile and confusing markets can cause even the most patient investors to question the wisdom of the investment plan that they’ve been following. At R|W Investment Management, we’ve seen a lot of difficult markets come and go. And we can empathize with people who find the current environment troublesome and disturbing. We’d like to help, if we can, and to that end, here’s what we offer:

A cup of coffee, and a second opinion.

By appointment, you’re welcome to come in and sit with us for a while. We’ll ask you to outline your financial goals—what your investment portfolio is intended to do for you. Then we’ll review the portfolio for and with you. If we think your investments continue to be well-suited to your long-term goals, we’ll gladly tell you so and send you on your way. If, on the other hand, we think some of your investments no longer fit with your goals, we’ll explain why, in plain English. And, if you like, we’ll recommend some alternatives.

Either way, the coffee is on us.

Schedule a Free Second Opinion