Company Retirement Plans

Three Decades of Experience Guiding Plan Sponsors and Trustees

There is a lot riding on your employer-sponsored retirement plan. Your participants need guidance so they will be financially prepared for the future. And as a fiduciary for your plan, you simply can’t afford mistakes that may create liability down the road.

At R|W , we’ve been helping employers navigate the changing retirement plan landscape for decades. Our team of Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Analyst® professionals give you the edge you need to produce better outcomes for your valued participants while helping you avoid costly litigation.

Industries where R|W proudly serves as Plan Advisor


  • Livestock Equipment Manufacturing Companies
  • Orchardist / Fruit Packing Companies
  • Cattle Ranching and Horse Breeding Operations
  • Agricultural Testing Companies
  • Wholesale Tree Growers
  • Timber and Forest Products Companies


  • Construction/Development Firms
  • Commercial Grounds and Parking Lot Maintenance Companies
  • Utility Maintenance Companies
  • Retail Floor Covering Companies


  • Electrical Contracting Companies
  • Oil/Gas and Service Station Companies


  • Private K-12 Schools
  • Private Universities


  • Theme Parks


  • Credit Unions
  • Real Estate Investment Firms


  • Non-Profit Community Organizations

Health Care

  • Optometrists
  • Medical Imaging Companies
  • Oral Surgeon Groups
  • Orthopedic Surgeon Groups
  • Gastrointestinal Physician Groups

Professional Service Firms

  • Civil Engineering Firms
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Public Accounting Firms


  • Software Companies
  • High-Tech Industrial Component Manufacturing Companies


  • Car Dealerships
  • Trucking/Industrial Manufacturing Companies

How We Help You

R|W is a fee-based financial planning and investment management firm headquartered in Boise, Idaho and serving families nationwide. Our advisors hold the Certified Financial Planner™ designation and the Chartered Financial Analyst® charter and serve as trusted stewards to help you preserve and grow your wealth.

You have significant responsibilities as a qualified retirement plan sponsor. Fulfilling them on your own can be difficult, time-consuming and can expose you to future liability. At the same time, you need to engage your employees and help them better prepare for the future.

R|W provides you with a full-service, proven process for managing your plan. We’re completely independent, so you’ll receive the high quality, unbiased advice you need to steer clear of conflicts of interest.

Our full-service approach saves you time and headaches. Since we share in your fiduciary responsibility, we help you monitor costs, select investments, and comply with best practices. For your employees, we provide effective education and guidance, and offer one-on-one planning and advice so they can best achieve their goals.

Becoming a Client

Introduction and Discovery Process

We meet with you to gain a full understanding of your company’s retirement plan, current costs, investment structure, and service model, among other items. Then we share our philosophy and process with you identifying areas where we may be able to improve upon your plan fees, services, or investments.

Plan Benchmarking

Using stale industry averages to guess whether your plan’s costs are fair and reasonable is not enough. To improve plan outcomes, we take your plan to market and gather live, competitive bids from numerous providers. We compare these bids to your current plan fees, investments, and services to negotiate better terms with your existing providers.

Implement Plan Changes

Together we collaborate to implement the proposed changes to your plan. If negotiating with existing service providers is unsuccessful, we will help you move to more appropriate providers.

Reviews and Ongoing Communication

Becoming a client is just the beginning. We communicate regularly to review your plan’s goals and objectives. We monitor your fees, investments, and services through regular plan bench-marking. Ongoing education is provided to you, as your plan’s fiduciary, and to your employees so they can plan for a successful retirement.

Fiduciary Fitness Program

The Fiduciary Fitness Program delivers resources for Plan Sponsors to identify potential plan weaknesses and restore plans to full compliance through education, diligence and process.  12 Education modules including:

  • fiduciary responsibility
  • liability
  • prohibited transactions
  • minimizing risk
  • investment policy
  • fees and expenses
  • participant-directed accounts
  • employer security and property
  • blackout periods
  • auto arrangements, claims, and appeals.

Employee Engagement

Your plan isn’t successful unless your employees are too. So we proactively hold group employee education meetings to increase participation and explain upcoming changes in your retirement plan. In addition, we will meet individually with each employee to provide personalized and ongoing education and guidance.

Our Approach

Plan Design

401(k) plans designed to help meet common industry challenges
Competitive Investment Returns
Fiduciary Requirements and Potential Liability
Service Provider Selection and Ongoing Monitoring
Helping Participants Achieve Successful Retirements

Investment Due Diligence

Process Driven investment advice in coordination with your Investment Policy Statement
Quantitative & Qualitative Scorecard System
Fully Diversified Investment Strategies Including Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA), Passive, and Active
Quarterly Documentation Through Our Fiduciary Investment Review

Fiduciary Guidance

Ongoing education and documentation of your fiduciary responsibilities
Fiduciary Review Program (Multi-Year Educational Process)
Annual Fiduciary Plan Review
Fiduciary Briefcase (Online Fiduciary File Storage)
Regular Employer Newsletter
Annual Investment Forum

Plan Benchmarking

Our unique live bid process provides documentation of your fiduciary duty to know that your plan costs are fair & reasonable
Live Bids vs. Stale Industry Averages Provides Better Knowledge and Negotiating Power
B3 Benchmarking of Fees, Investments, & Services
Evaluation of Administrative, Recordkeeping, Compliance, Employer Website, Employee Website, Statements, Investment Management, and Employee Communication
Analysis of Total Plan Costs (Employer and Employee)
Analysis of Investment Opportunities Using Scorecard System

Employee Education & Advice

Ongoing guidance and support for your team
Ongoing, In-Person Education
Regular Employee Memos
Retirement Needs Calculation
Targeted Employee Communication Strategies
Individual Planning & Advice Services from Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Financial Analysts® professionals

What We Offer

A Cup of Coffee and a Second Opinion

Volatile and confusing markets can cause even the most patient investors to question the wisdom of the investment plan that they’ve been following. At R|W Investment Management, we’ve seen a lot of difficult markets come and go. And we can empathize with people who find the current environment troublesome and disturbing. We’d like to help, if we can, and to that end, here’s what we offer:

A cup of coffee, and a second opinion.

By appointment, you’re welcome to come in and sit with us for a while. We’ll ask you to outline your financial goals—what your investment portfolio is intended to do for you. Then we’ll review the portfolio for and with you. If we think your investments continue to be well-suited to your long-term goals, we’ll gladly tell you so and send you on your way. If, on the other hand, we think some of your investments no longer fit with your goals, we’ll explain why, in plain English. And, if you like, we’ll recommend some alternatives.

Either way, the coffee is on us.

Schedule a Free Second Opinion